Anglo School of Performing Arts

Anglo always encourages students to take new challenges in class and in performance and learn to trust their ideas and abilities as individuals. A great range of performing arts is provided at Anglo to serve a diversity of interests in music and dance.

Anglo School of Performing Arts activities engage our students in their own learning and build individual skills they can later use in everyday situations. Through acting, exploring different characters, making alternative endings and scenarios, ASPA promotes critical thinking, problem solving, self-confidence, creativity and collaboration. Our Co-Curricular Programme offers four groups of ASPA activities to suit our students’ levels and interests

Music Recital

We take advantage of our Anglo Community, which is rich in cultures, to offer many kinds of international and local performing arts to meet our students’ interests and backgrounds such as drama, hip hop, string orchestra, Thai dance, choir, school band, cover dance and Chinese instruments. Availability of the activities under Anglo School of Performing Arts will be informed at the beginning of each school year. Every student who attends an activity in Anglo School of Performing Arts will become part of the concert  at the end of the school term.

Kindergarten Curtain-Up Drama

The curtain-up drama is an after-school program conducted by the Curtain-Up Drama Group, an independently run English speaking performing arts school based in Bangkok. The program is to teach many aspects of theatrical performance, these include acting, singing, dancing and even magic. The program is offered in the kindergarten level at Anglo.

Drama Club for Primary

Anglo students from P1-P6 can be involved in drama as an after-school programme. The programme is to inspire confidence in young learners and encourage them to express themselves through a variety of performing arts.  All students can develop their self-esteem for their everyday life through learning from stage performance as well as develop a sense of belonging by learning to work as a team.

Anglo Drama Club

It is mandatory for Secondary and Junior College students at Anglo to choose one of the after-school activities: debate or drama. If choosing drama, students will be in Anglo Drama Club representing the school in competitions. Besides this, members of the club also rehearsal for an annual presentation for the Anglo community in the third term of the school year.

The main objectives of our activities at Anglo Drama Club are to have a fun and enjoyable experience, build positive self-esteem, learn to work in a team and to produce an outstanding performance. For Anglo, the learning experience is just as important as the final goal.