From the Desk of Mr. Steven

Dear Parents/Guardians, Pupils and Families of Anglo,

It’s amazing to see that the end of the school year has arrived. I would like to thank you all for all the support and patience shown these past 10 months. We have had successes and some challenges, yet despite all, we continued the work that has to be done.

There are many people to whom I would like to express my appreciation for your invaluable contributions to Anglo and sincerely hope that we continue working together in the coming years.

First, to all our parents/guardians and your family members- thank you so much for your understanding and goodwill in support of our school programmes in this academic year. We are indeed grateful that together, we managed to get closer through our collaborative efforts to improve upon our communication channels; so much so that we could establish better understanding between school and home, where we could meaningfully work hand in hand for the betterment of our pupils in Anglo.

Anglo strongly believes that “every child is the centre” of our effort in education; school, home and community “revolve around” him/her, playing important roles to shape their individual future with a clear direction of learning outcomes. We are especially thankful to our members of PSG for your relentless support in all our school programmes; from significant school-wide events to reading programmes, your presence, participation and positivity has contributed to the making of a much stronger Anglo and once again, that affirmed your dedication as our valued stakeholders of Anglo.

Character Development Programme @ Anglo

The school has successfully completed another year of schoolwide Character Development Programme; where we have closely linked to the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) framework in our every effort for value inculcation through a structured thematic approach across all levels. We have also prototyped a number of academic support systems in the Kinder and Primary divisions; namely, Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports Programme, Morning Reading Programme and Focussed Group Workshop for Parents in supporting of students’ learning.

Effective from this coming academic year, the School Management would be putting in place a new homeroom system for every level. This is an improvement from the current system where pupils have more opportunities to learn together based on mixed abilities. Besides banding English, Mathematics and Science lessons, regardless of their stage of learning right from the beginning of the academic year, pupils will be divided among homerooms where there would be no distinction of learning abilities for all other subjects. In this way, we are ready to prototype our new initiative – “Peer Tutoring Programme” in the classroom progressively; where pupils could double up as “little teachers” to teach their peers once in a while and gain even more confidence in their learning over time, closely guided by the subject teachers as the “facilitators of learning.”

After one full academic year in prototyping our proposed whole school “Merit and Demerit System”, the school would be fully implementing this system in this coming academic year. Pupils would have more opportunities to be recognized for their good efforts contributed towards the school community as a Peer Tutor, an Exemplary Student Leader or a Well-behaved Student Role Model. The school strongly believes in promoting a positive learning environment; where pupils are now given even more opportunities to exhibit good characters. At the same time, there is also a clear and fair School Discipline Policy put in place to serve as a “deterrent for pupils to stay away from naughty deeds.”

The Peer Support System has also been fully planned out to be implemented in the next academic year; where there would be more avenues for pupils to seek for personal help in their daily school life through their homeroom teachers, the School Counsellor, Peer Support Leaders and Pupil Welfare Teachers. With the continuation of Morning Reading Programme from 7.00 am – 7.25 am followed by full introduction of daily homeroom sessions from 7.30 -8.00 am 3 days a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays), together with sessions of schoolwide Character Development Programme (CDP) named as “GEMS OF LIFE” on Tuesdays and House Bonding Day on Fridays, we are indeed excited to look forward to another good year of more achievements in cultivating better learning attitude and good social skills in our pupils.

Curriculum Alignment and Innovation @ Anglo

The school has also completed our first stage of planning and curriculum mapping in terms of re-design and alignment for some of our core subjects. This is particularly important, as Anglo has always positioned as a “Through-Train School” of 15 years of complete education.

On behalf of the School Management, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulation to Ms Kirsty Moran for her promotion as our English Curriculum Coordinator for all three campuses, as of academic year 2017-2018. Under the new leadership of Mr Georgi Vladkov as our newly appointed Primary English Head of Department (Interim), working hand in hand with Mr Matt, our Kindergarten Head of Department and the Secondary English Department, we would be progressively implementing an enhanced structure in the learning of English from Kinder levels to all Primary levels. To start with, Jumper Programmes in Anglo for Primary 4 and Primary 5 would be fully phased out by the end of this academic year. We would be building in a more distinct link between Kinder and Lower Primary. STELLAR Programme is here to stay; with additional Grammar and Writing components in alignment to Cambridge International Examinations checkpoint assessment criteria, we would always have the end in mind that our pupils would progress to excel in IGCSE English as the ultimate goal.

Mathematics and Science would maintain the Singapore curriculum as our base. Under the advice of Dr. Yeap Ban Har, we have further aligned the current syllabus to Cambridge International Examinations checkpoint assessment criteria and IGCSE Mathematics. In the next academic year, under the effective leadership of Ms Jennie Tham our Math/Science Head of Department (Designate) and Ms Janice Chee as our Assistant Math/Science Lower Primary Coordinator (Designate), we will be working very closely with the Kinder and Secondary Math/Science teams to fully complete the whole process of re-designing our Math/Science curriculum and assessment, the Uniquely Anglo Way!

In our good effort to provide more opportunities for our pupils to learn beyond borders, I am happy to share that Anglo is embarking on an Overseas Student Immersion Programme with a highly reputable public school, Chengdu Luodai Zhongxue, in Sichuan Province, China. This will be a 13-day Overseas Student Immersion Programme from 2 July – 14 July this year; comprising 50 pupils from Primary 4 – Secondary 2 and 8 teachers from both Campus 64 and Campus 31. Through this trip, the school hopes to achieve the following learning objectives:

• cultivate a spirit of resilience and perseverance to deal with challenges in an increasingly globalized and competitive environment;

• inculcate social empathy and responsibility that enable our students to better appreciate the quality life that has been made possible for them; and

• create an opportunity for our students to network and better appreciate the cultural differences of another country in Asia.

Let’s look forward to the rich sharing from our pupils and teachers on this learning journey right after school reopens in the next academic year.

Updates on School System and Operation

Last but not least, the school is proud to announce once again, that we have attained two consecutive Excellence Awards at the Prakhanong District level in the Food and Canteen Hygiene Project within this academic year. Under stringent criteria of assessment, which include spot checks on freshness of food and drinks consumed daily in the school as well as general cleanliness of the kitchen and canteen where the food is prepared and served, the school would keep up with our concerted effort for continual improvement in our daily school operation. We would be updating our food menu during summer. There would also be exciting changes in the food menu which include changing of the supplier of dairy products such as milk and yoghurt that would better suit the needs and logistics of our school in this coming year.  As usual, during major holidays, the school carries out large scale spring cleaning of the canteen and other major parts of the school premises.  Similarly, in this coming summer, we would also be engaging a newly appointed Pest Control Company to put in place proactive measures to prevent the any potential breeding of pests and mosquitoes.

The Student Council would also be fully implementing a Student Feedback System in this coming year; so that the school could further promote “Student Voice” on a regular basis, to better see to the day to day needs and general well-being of our pupils.

We are thankful to the continual good effort by the relevant support staff and not forgetting, the constructive feedback provided by our valued stakeholders over time. This is indeed an encouraging collaboration as a school community that we ought to embrace together and look forward to further improvement in the next academic year.

Also, the school is truly grateful to have gotten much understanding from parents with regard to our constraints on limited parking and drop off of students in the morning within the school compound; that we could all now respond positively to the sincere appeal in official writing from the Prakhanong Police Station, to do our part to help to ease the morning traffic condition along Sukhumvit Road by clearing internal traffic flow within the school compound by 8.00 am.

Documents on the above-mentioned achievements and concerns from the Prakhanong Police Station on morning traffic flow could be viewed at the Student Affairs Office upon request for your further understanding.

As a final gentle reminder to all parents / guardians, please be informed that the deadline of checking of status and claiming of loss items reported by pupils for this academic year is 30 June 2017, after which the school would take sole discretion to donate all unclaimed items (which include money and jewelry) to charity by this summer. We sincerely seek for your fullest cooperation and prompt response with regard to this matter whenever appropriate.

I want to wish you a great summer full of fun and continuous learning.

See you in August!




Steven Koh

Kinder / Primary Division
Anglo Singapore International School