From the Desk of Mr. Steven

Dear Parents/Guardians, Pupils and Families of Anglo,

As the term ends this week, I would like to take this opportunity to share with my valued stakeholders more about Anglo as a continual improving learning environment.  

In order to further maximize curriculum time for effective teaching and learning, as early as Term 1 this academic year, the school has started to look into the order of organizing annual festive/school events between “high and low key” by rotations from year to year. As we strongly believe in character development in every child through all aspects of their learning in school, academic and non-academic; organizing a festive event on rotation in “low key” has actually provided a teachable moment for both pupils and teachers in terms of teamwork and a greater sense of togetherness.

Particularly, we have witnessed the successful accomplishment of two festive/school events in Term 2; namely, the annual Primary Mathematics and Science Camp for all 3 campuses and Chinese New Year. It was indeed meaningful to witness all Primary 4, 5 and 6 pupils and their teachers coming together at least once every academic year to learn and explore beyond the classroom, care and share among one another as they continually build stronger bond as ONE ANGLO FAMILY.

In view of the period of national grief and mourning of the passing of His Majesty King Bhumipol, Anglo has also put into perspective for pupils and teachers to learn through a “low key” organization of house event for Chinese New Year. The whole school came together to experience “Chinese Dumpling Making”, tapping on this teachable moment to enhance on what we have learned from our late King; the sense of UNITY as fellow House members as well as upholding the “Never Say Die” spirit of PERSEVERANCE and RESILIENCE as they compete with good spirit in terms of timing to wrap 10,000 dumplings as ONE ANGLO FAMILY within a stipulated time. This event has also served as a “preliminary round” of preparation for the school to explore on the possibility to enter the Guinness Book of Record in the next academic year.

In terms of academic, we have continued our journey in concerted effort to further improve upon the key processes of teaching and learning in the classrooms.

Based on end of Term 1 academic performance of both divisions, teachers have looked into the different aspects of learning outcomes in the classroom. In particular, we would like to further explore on the 3 modes of effective assessment, namely, Assessment of Learning (Summative), Assessment for Learning (formative) as well as Assessment as Learning (Peer Tutoring).

Pupils who require additional focus in their learning would have been identified right from Term 2 Week 1; where they would attend weekly remedial sessions on a regular basis. For those pupils who require attention to improve in their habits of learning, social and emotional support from subject teachers and school counsellor has also been put in place. We are pleased that many parents have come forth in the last two terms to provide your continual support of the school in terms of invaluable feedback and collaboration. As we learn from one another over time, from the perspectives of the school and home, having each child as the centre with parents, teachers and the school working hand in hand with understanding, Anglo’s firm belief that “NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND” will continue to be actualized.

At this point, I would also like to reiterate that Anglo always believe in a balanced holistic education for every pupil. In the last 15 years, Anglo might have been perceived as an “academic driven” institution; the fact is we do not compromise when it comes to each pupil’s self-responsibility for his/her learning.

We have successfully encouraged 17 pupils from the Primary division to have proven themselves over one-month of probation; as they were temporarily disallowed to participate in national competitions, “going back to basic” as pupils in the classroom to learn to meet with the minimum academic expectation. Feedback from respective subject teachers were positive; as they could witness every pupil passed their probation and returned to school team as our Anglo Student Athletes, capable to balance the roles of being a “full-time student” and a “full-time athlete”.

As part of school-home collaboration effort, the school is thankful to all parents for your continual support for pupils’ learning. Indeed, we are also blessed to have gained more understanding from parents of our school’s philosophy in education over time as we establish more effective communication channels focusing on the good intents and relevant needs to be considered among all stakeholders.

On a happy note, in recognition of our conscientious effort as a school in maintaining ideal food hygiene and safety standard, we are proud to announce that Anglo has once again achieved rating of “Excellence” for Food Hygiene and Safety Standard by the Phrakhanong District Office for academic year 2016-2017.

We have also successfully organized two individualized parenting workshops for each division in Term 2. For Kindergarten division, our school counsellor, Ms Ilke touched on the topic: “Know Your Child’s Temperament”; where parents learned about the four different profile types, how these different profiles learn and what is critical for parents to understand better of their children. For Primary division, the theme was “Support Your Child in Primary School”; where Ms Ilke took the opportunity to provide useful tips to parents on effective emotional support as well as understanding routines of learning through specific learning styles.

With the ideal turnout rate of parents and encouraging constructive feedback provided, we look forward to organizing more of these get-togethers between parents and school to enhance better understanding and promote effective communication.

Moving forward, as the school continues to effectively review and enhance on our systemic approach towards teaching and learning, we would relentlessly make progressive effort to align our core curriculum across all divisions.

Reading is fundamental to progress and success in all other school subjects. Skills in reading enable learners to benefit from educational and social activities in which they take part. Reading development involves the participation of children, parents, teachers and the community as a whole.

As the saying goes, “Drop By Drop The Water Pot Filled. Likewise, The Wise Man, Gathering It Little By Little, Fills Himself With Good”. With the full extension of implementation of morning reading program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for Primary division before curriculum time, it is heartening to witness pupils and their homeroom teachers coming together in their respective classrooms as early as 7 am reading together meaningfully . Indeed, it is our hope to encourage pupils and teachers create an educational vision for ensuring reading abilities and develop an educational philosophy based on this vision. This philosophy should ultimately assist in the development of the scope and sequence of reading strategies used in the classroom. At this point, we strongly encourage all Primary pupils to make an effort to come to school early and benefit more of the “GOODNESS” of this morning enrichment program, where teachers have gone the “extra miles” to provide for their pupils.

Having the end in mind that our pupils would go through a sound school “through train” system, we would ensure a proper structure of content skills and pedagogies is put in place and to be delivered to our pupils in preparation for their “individualized calling” for higher institutional learning.

First time in Anglo, as part of our continual improvement in teaching and learning, we have decided to further value add those who intend to continue their secondary education in Anglo, having both Primary and Secondary divisions currently working hand-in-hand, to specially design a customised 2-week Primary 6 to Secondary 1 transitional opt-in program  this coming Summer. This program is FREE OF CHARGE that will better prepare our pupils on academic progression and adaptation as well as social and emotional preparation for secondary education.

Last but not least, as we are about to take a short break during Songkran, the following calendar of events in Term 3 would be something we ought to be looking forward to:

  • School Photo Day: 25 April – 28 April 2017
  • Recital @ Campus 64: 28 May 2017
  • Anglo Got Talent 2017: 2 June 2017
  • Drama @ Campus 64: 3 June 2017
  • Graduation Day – 1 July 2017

Once again, my sincere appreciation to all parents for your continual support and cooperation in ensuring all our pupils are given an equal opportunity for success and a rewarding school experience. Let us work together to complete a fruitful academic year ahead.



Steven Koh

Kinder / Primary Division
Anglo Singapore International School