Intensive English Programme

Anglo offers an extensive range of academic support for our students to ensure every student reaches his or her full potential. Since the mainstream language curriculum at Anglo is to help our students to become independent, creative learners and thinkers who can communicate effectively in English, those who do not have the necessary English language skills for the mainstream classroom will be placed in Anglo’s Intensive Language (IL) programme for assistance in improving their English language proficiency.

The students in the IL programme will be placed in a smaller class and taught the necessary English skills at their level with suitable materials. IL teachers work closely with their mainstream counterparts to help the students make progress until they are equipped with the skills they need to return to the mainstream.

Students are assessed and tested at the end of each programme, and a discussion will be held with parents to ensure that appropriate support is given for this transition. Parents can discuss their concerns and issues regarding their child’s progress to have a greater understanding of their child’s English proficiency.