Our Community Involvement Programme (CIP) is intended to awake, develop and strengthen the students’ sense of civic engagement and community commitment.

This programme is mandatory for students in Secondary and Junior College.

Aims of our Community Involvement Programme:

  • To integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection.
  • To integrate learning and subjects especially Global Perspectives and Character Development (Civics and Moral Education) where the students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in practical settings and to concrete real life situations.
  • To set into action the approach: “Going from the macro to the micro”. This means to understand how the global community relates to our local environment (mutual influence).

Service projects/outings are assigned to foster the development in these five areas:

  1. Service: To learn how to give useful service to others.
  2. Adventurous Journey: To encourage the spirit of adventure and journey.
  3. Skills: To encourage the development of personal interest and practical skills.
  4. Physical Recreation: To encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement of performance.
  5. Residential Projects: To undertake or initiate a project which will serve or have a beneficial impact on the community at large.

CIP's 5 Areas of Development

A Glance with Anglo’s CIP Programme