After-school Activities

For primary school students, the co-curricular activities are divided into four main categories – Culture, Enrichment, Academic, and Sport. Anglo students are offered a diverse range of activities to augment their education, growth, and development. Students can enrol in the co-curricular activities of their choosing, based on their own interests and the benefits they see from the various programmes.

However, students who are challenged academically are advised to attend teacher-recommended remedial classes in an after-school setting. These classes are provided for free to all students by the school.

Available after-school activities for primary school students are listed below. This list is current as of publishing, but is subject to change and availability. We will strive to ensure the most updated list is always available here on our website. However, for individual activities or considerations, please contact our student affairs staff for more information and enrolment.

Available after-school activities for students are listed below. This list is correct at the time of upload. Please contact our student affairs staff for more info about the activities.

All after-school activities start at 3:25 PM and end at 4:10 PM.

You can also book enrolment via our online service, by clicking on the link below.


  • Thai Culture Club
  • Korean Culture Club
  • Japanese Culture Club
  • Chinese Culture Club


  • Music Club
  • String Ensemble Club
  • Young Journalist (E-newsletter)
  • Art Journal (Max. 16 persons)
  • Book Lover’s Club
  • Board Games
  • International Games
  • Football Intermediate (P3-P6)
  • Dance Club
  • Spelling Bee (Mind Sport)
  • Self Defense (Arnis) Club


  • Computer Club (Max. 15 Students)
  • Fun Science (Max. 15 Students)


  • Girls & Young Men’s Brigade
  • Chess Club
  • Bricks 4 Kidz Club
  • Galaxy Football Club (Max 16 students)
  • Cooking Club
  • Creative Drama
  • Junior Muay Thai
  • Magic Club
  • Clay Works Club
  • Yoga for kids
  • Golf Club
  • TEDS PLAY (Neobot) Club
  • PJ Tennis Club
  • Checkers Club
  • Scrabble Club
  • eDesign and 3D Pen Printing
  • Minecraft Club
  • Basketball Top Flight Club

Learning Journeys

Anglo’s “Learning Journeys” programme is all about learning from and observing the world outside a young person’s normal environment. It features exploration and discovery, along with understanding the culture of others. Being placed in a new country, which is different to their own, puts students in a situation conducive to developing a greater awareness of the nuances and details of different cultures. For more information about this special programme, please contact the school counsellors or your student’s teacher.