Anglo’s Learning Journeys

Anglo’s ‘Learning Journey’ is all about learning from and realising the world outside a young person’s normal environment. Exploration, discovery and, primarily, understanding the culture of others are all central to the experience.

DSC_0821Being placed in a new country, which is different to their own, puts students in a situation conducive to developing a greater awareness of the nuances of different cultures. To view new customs and ways of living, broadens knowledge of life and helps them learn, create and improve their own habits. It’s an opportunity to see how others cope in their daily lives, to connect with the dynamic world directly and to learn from the new faces met, the friendships made and the cultures exchanged.

Increasing resourcefulness is also key to the excursion. By facing new experiences and obstacles they would not normally encounter at home or in the classroom, students develop essential problem solving skills and the ability to embrace change which is increasingly characteristic of the modern era.

In addition, and at the journey’s heart, are the memories to take home, the new found friendships and the bonds cemented. A fleeting, yet enduring journey can remain a lasting memory for them to cherish and share forever.

The ‘Learning Journey’ offers students a truly beneficial and unforgettable learning experience. The valuable and necessary life-knowledge obtained aims to develop our children into worldly, well-rounded and upstanding members of the global community.