From the youngest students in kindergarten to the oldest students in junior college, the passion, enthusiasm, and curiosity for learning radiates throughout the school.  The driving force at Anglo is not just what our students achieve while they are here, but who they become when they leave us.  We are a community that strives for its students to attain academic and individual excellence, both while at Anglo and in their later academic and professional pursuits.

Over the past 15 years, Anglo has embraced a commitment to education and development.  Our reputation for a rigorous and thorough course of study is accomplished by offering instruction that is shaped by creativity and innovation.  Fiscally responsible, Anglo is a school that is designed to adapt, change, and grow.  Likewise, we hope for our students to adapt, change, and grow, acquiring a strong set of values that will serve them throughout life.  Our students’ progression results from Anglo’s investment in our staff, infrastructure, and future stability.  The expansions we have undertaken in the recent past are a perfect example of our commitment to putting the resources into place to ensure a high-quality education for our international school students.

Welcome to our school, where you can experience the spirit of “uniquely Anglo” in the positive and dynamic learning environment we’ve created.  It wouldn’t be possible without the students, staff, and dedicated parents, working together to ensure bright futures for our students.