Parents’ Tribute

Parents' Tribute

Mr. Sherman Tng

Leonard started with Anglo-Singapore International School when he was in P1 year in 2005.  We were very impressed with the concepts delivered.  Leonard completed his P3 Term 2 in June before relocating back to a Singapore school.  With a solid and strong foundation accumulated in Anglo-Singapore, Leonard has no problem phasing into the Singapore education system immediately.

In the recent Meet-the-Parent session, his class Form Teacher has given positive feedback about his integration into the class programme.  She has also commented that he is vocal and is definitely not shy from answering questions in the class.

We are happy that we have enrolled Leonard in your school and we are grateful that the teachers, who have taught Leonard has done a great job. We are confident that the school strong and solid foundation he has built in your school will help him academically and his learning habits will be a lifetime beneficial to him in the future. We would strongly recommend your school to anyone who would want to enroll in an international school in Thailand with a Singapore-Syllabus.
By Leonard’s Father:
Sherman Tng
8th July 2008

Leonard (P3)


Victor & Dorothy

‘Relocating back and leaving Thailand was a difficult decision, especially the kids – they spent a good part of their childhood in Bangkok.

Thought I’ll just drop you a note on Shanice. She’s enrolled into Nan Chiau Primary School (a popular Hokkien Huay Kuan school) which is famous for its high standards (especially in Chinese).

Although we know Shanice is ahead of her peers in Nan Chiau (cos Anglo’s curriculum is 3 months ahead), we still have some anxiety over her integration back into a Singapore system (read: no nonsense, teacher is king, ‘talking is bad’ mindset, cannot-wear-your-own-shoes, waking up when its still miserably dark…especially for parents!)
After 2 weeks, something magical happened, we are glad to see Shanice integrating very well into Nan Chiau.

She is DEFINITELY ahead of her class (given her 3 months lead time), her Chinese was not much of a problem (Nan Chiau is using Higher Chinese vs Standard Chinese in Anglo).  If anything, I would say you guys prepared well (well, bordering on ‘kiasu’…ha ha) for the kids.  I have no doubt any of Anglo’s students would be able to stand their own against some of the very best in Singapore.

Her 3 years stint in an international school environment – especially the experience of the Thailand wide International Schools Singing Competition where she came in 4th overall – put her in good stead.

We would like to thank you.

Victor & Dorothy’

Shanice (P3)


D.W.R.B. Seneviratine

Dear Julie,

This is to inform you that my tour of duty in Thailand is completed and planing to leave for Colombo on 1st Sept 2006. My two kids Gayan and Tikkie (Chamathnie) too leaving their loving school Anglo in view of admitting a school in Colombo.

Really, my kids enjoyed schooling at Anglo during the past two- year period that we spent in Thailand. Also I must mention the effort of your staff to improve Gayan is remarkable and highly appreciated.

So finally I would like to thank you and all teachers, non teaching staff, parents and students for their kindness rendered to us.

wish you all the best

yours sincerely,

D.W.R.B. Seneviratine
First Secretary
Sri Lanka Embassay
Bangkok, Thailand

Gayan (ESL)


Karen Jackman

To Whom it may concern,

My son Samuel Gregersen attended the Anglo-Singapore International School in Bangkok during K1 and the beginning of K2 in the year of 2004/2005. After an initial settling in period, Samuel enjoyed the school immensely and made lots of friends there. The standard of Chinese tuition is particulary good. Samuel, whose home language is English, made excellent progresss.

He was able to write characters and learn basic words and phrases as well as develop an impressive repetoire of Chinese songs.

The school provides a very high standard of tuition ( as well as plenty of time for fun and play outdoors).
By the time he left to return to Singapore, Samuel’s reading and writing plus basic maths was right on trackand easily to slip into a new school.

The teachers at ASIS are friendly and caring, office staff efficent and support staff very helpful and kind. Thank you for everything!

Kind regards,
Karen Jackman

Samuel (K2)


Maddy Barber

Dear Ms. Julie,

I just wanted to tell you how much your school has done for my daughter, Elizabeth who recently returned to Singapore for further studies. She has improved tremendously in so many ways since attending Anglo-Singapore and I believe she will benefit from her experience there for many years to come. She misses everyone back at Anglo-Sing and constantly compares her currently school to yours. She hopes to come back and visit all her friends and teachers soon.

Thank you and your wonderful staff for everything.

God Bless,
Maddy Barber

Libby (P4)


Khun Siriporn Praidam

To: Khun Julie

Thanks to the standard academic system and the care of all the teachers in the school which has made a contribution to the success in the examination of Army to further the studies in SIngapore.

Thanks to all the staffs and nannies for taking very good care of Army.

May this good standard be maintained throughout.

With best wishes,
Khun Siriporn Praidam

Army (Sec. 1)


Chiyae Koseki

To: Mrs. Julie Sutanto

And today, I would like to say many thanks to you all Anglo teachers and staffs again. We couldn’t say thanks about past school life when we leave.

Hanako was born in Bangkok, Anglo was the first school for her life. Thanks to yours, she enjoyed the school life and she learned many thing s everyday.

Especially, I think it was the good opportunity for her to study many languages and I and husband wanted to make a chance for her to take the mathematics class if we could stay more.

According to Hanako, she also loved Anglo’s atmosphere very much. All people can speak many languages, and she can hear English, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korea. everyday, everywhere, and actually she liked IT class and touched the computer. so after we came back in Japan, she touches and play PC everyday, and she always say ” Anglo has a IT class… Why there are no class in Japan’s school ..”

In Japan, there are no school, no kindergarten just like Anglo though it is increasing to open the International school. We feel that Anglo is the very comfortable and very great school all over again and nothing gave her greatest things than school people’s kindness and help. Hanako still talk about teachers and staff and friends, especially she talk the memories about Pee Khee, Pee Leck, Miss York, Miss Tong, Wang Man Laoshi, Kun Kruu Gee, Kun Kruu O, Miss Kitty, Mr. Mag and all K2 friends..etc… she still remember and now hopes that she meet them someday we want to say thanks again to Anglo.

But actually she eagered to return Thailand and Anglo too much when we came back Japan first. then she confused and cried everyday. at last, she couldn’t go to the Osaka Chinese School then we talked with a teacher of the Chinese school we decided to to to the private lesson school of this Chinese teacher, and another English school.

Recently, Hanako becomes to enjoy Japanese life, and improve to study English and Chinese too. Now whe can read easy English book by herself, and she can read the Chinese pin-in herself too.On Feb, she had a opportunity to recitation the English and Chinese story on the stage, all teacher and many people recognised her efforts she have some confidence and wants to study more. Hanako hope that she will go to Anglo’s class or summer school when Japan’s holiday.(But unfortunately, it’s impossible to go this summer) If Anglo school will be ok, would you please receive her again when she will go.

Please take care of yourself and please say hello and many thanks all anglo people not Hanako is very fine and she still remember you.

Sincerely yours,

Chiyae Koseki (Hanako’s mom, K1P)

Hanako (K1P)

Mrs. Shirley Till

Dear Mrs. Julie and Team at ASIS

Thank you for providing our children, Cheryl and Nicholas Till, with the opportunity to continue with a Singapore-standard education during the two years we were in Bangkok. The Anglo-Singapore International School of Bangkok has managed to combine the rigor of the Singapore Education System with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of the different children. We particularly appreciate the different experiences they were exposed to, which helped them to develop skills in areas beyond the academic. The warm and friendly environment, the caring teachers and staff, are just some of the things that we will miss…

Keep up the good work!


Mrs. Shirley Till

陈疆 郑美君

感 谢 信









陈铮凯父母:陈疆   郑美君