Pupil Management

Like any school, Anglo Singapore International requires students to be dedicated to their studies, and well-behaved while in school. Student discipline, therefore, is a critical factor in maintaining a safe and productive learning environment for all students and staff. The overall goal is to instil a sense of self-discipline in our students, coupled with a desire to learn and get the most out of their education. We have found that this approach tends to lead to the best outcomes.

Anglo Singapore International School strongly believes in promoting a positive learning environment as the first and foremost goal of all staff. Students need to be given opportunities to demonstrate good character, morals, and ethics. With such reinforcement, the tone, culture, and success of the school can be improved and maintained. At the core, the goal of pupil management and school rules is to create an environment that is conducive to learning, where students can strive for academic and personal excellence and success.

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