Intensive Language Programme

At Anglo Singapore International School, we’re committed to providing a full range of academic support options to allow each student to reach his or her full potential. For students who don’t yet have the necessary English language skills to succeed in the mainstream classroom, Anglo’s Intensive Language (IL) programme is the perfect solution!

In the IL programme, students are placed in small-sized, specialised classes where they can receive individual crafted attention so that they can be taught the necessary English skills that are appropriate for their age level. This intensive programme allows the IL teachers to work in close partnership with their mainstream classroom counterparts, to ensure that students make sufficient progress in their English proficiency to return to the mainstream classroom as soon as possible.

As with all Anglo classes and programmes, a close partnership between teachers and parents is essential. Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns or questions regarding their child’s progress with the IL teacher and gain a greater insight into their child’s English proficiency. In due time and following successful completion of mainstream English assessments, parents are briefed on ways both home and school can provide transitional support to their child as he/she makes the move into the mainstream classroom armed with age-level English proficiency, and ready for further success!

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