Given the region in which we live, as well as relative populations and influences, it is more important than ever that our students learn the Chinese language. As China grows more and more dominant on the global stage, and seeks to bind the world together via projects like the One Belt, One Road initiative, it does every future citizen well to be fluent in Chinese. This will enable them to have a competitive advantage in education and their careers, and offer greater opportunity for their futures.

Anglo Singapore International utilises the latest Singaporean curriculum to teach Chinese language skills from kindergarten to primary 6-grade levels. As students move into secondary school, they are sorted into language classes based on their skills. These class divisions are foundation, normal, and express, in increasing order of difficulty and ability.

Our educators in Chinese language programmes are native speakers, who have knowledge of not only the language, but of Chinese culture as well. This is critical to providing the students a well-rounded and meaningful education, and bringing the language to life. It also helps balance the teaching of vocabulary and grammar with more fun aspects, like history, culture, and tradition. The goal is to strengthen the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of students, so that they can put their language knowledge to use in daily life. Studies have shown this is one of the best ways for students to retain fluency in a language beyond their school years.

As an added bonus, to help strengthen students’ abilities in this important area, we have tutorial classes available on weekends. These can help struggling students, or those who just want a leg up on their peers, to gain a better understanding of the Chinese language curriculum, and practice their Chinese language skills.
What’s more, we seek to immerse students in aspects of Chinese culture, to help fully absorb the language. Our daily cuisine offerings in the canteen are just one aspect of this. The real-world cultural and traditional experience of our teachers is another. Additionally, this is accomplished with an organised camping trip to China, and participation in events such as the “Petch Yod Mongkut Chinese Bridge” competition, which is great fun and highly educational for all involved.

Language learning is a critical skill, but can be fun and enjoyable, and a gateway to another culture as well. Making lasting connections between language and culture in our students, so that they retain and use this knowledge to become global citizens of the future, is what our Chinese language programme, and all of our language programmes, are based on. This kind of multi-disciplinary approach to learning is just one example of the quality instruction you’ll find at our international school Bangkok Campus 64, and throughout our Anglo school system.

Petch Yod Mongkut Chinese Bridge

Chengdu Trip 2017