One of the fastest-growing communities in Bangkok is made up of Japanese nationals and ex-pats, so it should come as no surprise that Japanese is one of the fastest-growing communities in our Bangkok international school as well! At Anglo Singapore International School, we accommodate native Japanese students by offering Kokugo lessons – effectively, following the Japanese national curriculum. We also provide Japanese lessons for non-native speakers and learners as part of our enrichment programme. Once again, this helps our students to gain a leg up on the competition, offering them a language and skill set for their later life that can be quite valuable, whatever career field they might choose to pursue.

And, much like our other language education programmes, activities and learning is not limited to merely language. Students can join in for exciting cultural activities, such as our Japanese origami paper craft club. Here, we demonstrate traditional and modern origami making, along with games and activities. There’s much more to offer as well, as Japanese education and language skills continue to grow in importance, and our enrolment of Japanese students continues to increase.

For more information on our Japanese programmes, paper craft club, or anything else related to this area, please feel free to ask for an appointment with one of our friendly Japanese teachers. They will be more than happy to discuss our language offerings and activities with you and your student. After all, we believe education works best when our instruction is matched with engagement and support from students’ parents.