Greetings from the Korean Language Department at Anglo! An-young-ha-se-yo?

Anglo Singapore International School offers Korean language education from fully-qualified Korean teachers. Korean nationals are taught from kindergarten to primary level, in different and creative ways based on their varying levels of interest and capabilities. Of course, all our Korean students are taught to high academic standards, using national textbooks published by the Korean government, just as they would back home.
In addition to language, students are exposed to a wide range of activities and skills to assimilate Korean culture and other academic skills. Examples include keeping a diary for creative writing, such as poems and story writing, developing good reading habits, learning about Korean history, culture, traditions, and manners. We also teach fluent oral presentation and communication skills in Korean.
As a result of this immersive and comprehensive programme, our Korean students become well-balanced at speaking, writing, reading, and listening. They also maintain and enhance their national identity, ready to assimilate back into Korea if necessary or desired.

For non-Korean students, the language education emphasis is placed on literacy and communication skills primarily, much as in our other language programmes. Likewise, we do not limit their education to language only, exposing them to culture, traditions, ethics, history, manners, food, lifestyle, and people as well. We genuinely believe that a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach is the best way to learn an additional language, and we implement that philosophy in all of our language programmes, including Korean.

Our “second language” programme for non-Korean students is structured around learner-oriented classes and participation. All students are evaluated with regular exams, quizzes, presentations, and participation in class. In the kindergarten curriculum, students are introduced to the Korean language mainly through songs, games, storytelling, and other fun activities. They start to learn the Korean alphabet, and form basic sentences. Later, the programme advances to more complete reading, writing, and language skills. In all cases, Anglo mostly uses high-quality educational materials imported from Korea.

Keeping with our core values and mission, Korean language offerings for non-Korean students help prepare students to be global citizens. Recently, due to the rapid economic growth of Korea, the Korean language has become incredibly popular throughout Asia, and we are proud to offer a comprehensive Korean language programme to Anglo students. It’s just one more reason why the Anglo Singapore International School is one of the best schools in Bangkok.

Thank you! Gam-Sa-Hap-Ni-Da!