In the spirit of internationalism, and in accordance with Thai government regulations, Anglo Singapore International School teaches Thai language and culture to our students as an integral part of our curriculum. Both Thai and non-Thai students study the Thai language. In primary school, Thai nationals are given additional Thai lessons during afternoon sessions, which cover more advanced language skills. Non-Thai students are provided with a basic course in Thai language and culture, including topics such as “Thai Ways of Life”, in order to better understand and feel at home in our community.

Likewise, Thai manners are strictly observed during all our Thai classes. We strongly believe that understanding the language and culture of the host country will help to further enrich our multicultural student body. In general, the programme encourages the development of a positive attitude in students towards Thai language, traditions, and culture. This helps students fit in better in the local environment, as well as more easily integrate with their fellow students and the community as a whole. The classes are structured in a number of thematic units, which include oral, reading, and writing skills.

Beyond language, students are exposed to a variety of festivals and special events throughout the year. As a community, we also celebrate some of the most meaningful and colourful festivals and events in Thai culture, including Loy Khratong and Songkran. In addition to relevant activities, students get a chance to wear Thai costumes, sing Thai songs, enjoy Thai dances…and of course, indulge in excellent examples of Thai sweets and cuisine. It’s a great time for students and teachers alike!