To maintain our position amongst the premier international schools in Thailand, Anglo Singapore International School continues to expand and attract ever increasing student numbers. Admission to Anglo is open to students of all nationalities, provided they demonstrate the capability to absorb and benefit from the challenging Singaporean and British curriculum. Age-level appropriate knowledge and a desire to learn are both essential qualities for Anglo students.

We accept applications throughout the year, so whether you are a new arrival in Thailand, your child has just reached school age, or you are unsatisfied with your current school, we’re happy to consider your application.

Key admission criteria that we look for in all potential Anglo Singapore International School students include:

  • Academic potential based on past performance and other factors, if applicable
  • Proficiency in the English language, the core language of instruction at Anglo
  • Meeting all enrolment procedures and requirements, including:
    1. Trial assessment & entrance examination results, where applicable
    2. Seat allocation and availability of places within the school
    3. Successful follow-up interview, if required
    4. Timely payment of school fees


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The enrolment process may vary based on individual circumstances. However, the general process is as follows:

Trial Period

The best way to determine whether or not a student is well-suited to the curriculum at Anglo is through a trial period. The student will be invited to participate in regular classes on a trial basis, so that both student and faculty get an impression of the environment and academic standard.

Meeting with Homeroom Teachers

At the end of the trial period, on the last day of the trial, parents, student, and homeroom teacher will meet. This will allow all parties to discuss any concerns, considerations, areas of improvement, and advise as to the suitability of the student for admission. Following this meeting, if all goes well, the student may advance to the enrolment stage.

Enrollment stage

Following a successful completion of the trial period, and agreement from parents, student, and homeroom teacher that the programme is suitable for the student, then enrolment can begin.  The student can apply for enrolment based on the placement and level that the school deems appropriate (as determined from academic record and the trial period).

At this point, tuition and fees are calculated, and scheduled as appropriate.

Students and parents are required to provide several documents which should be gathered and prepared in advance and submitted to the Admissions Office.

Please note that this list is subject to change, and provided for information only.  For specific concerns, please discuss with the Admissions Office when you begin the enrolment process.

Documents Required for All Applicants (Thai and Foreign)

Documents Required for All Applicants (Thai and Foreign)


  • Student’s completed application form
  • Student’s birth certificate/passport (copy)
  • Student’s resident certificate (copy)
  • Student’s medical certificate (copy)
  • Student’s photos (3 photos, minimum size 2 inches)
  • Student’s report card from the previous school (copy of recent term), if applicable

– Parents’ resident certificate (copy)
– Parents’ ID card/passport (copy)

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