At Anglo Singapore International School, we believe a campus visit is the most ideal means for you and your child to see what we bring to the table. We firmly believe that education is a gift that lasts a lifetime and that the road to success begins with a strong foundation in learning skills.

Bearing in mind that prospective parents have many questions and difficult decisions to make, Anglo Singapore International regularly hosts Open House events. During these events, you can tour our facilities, meet with faculty and teaching staff, and get a sense of the commitment to student education that permeates everything we do at Anglo.

Complete the form below and come see for yourselves on the 20th of November 2020 why Anglo Singapore International School is the right choice for your child’s academic future.

Upcoming Open House

Anglo Singapore International School is proud to invite future students to attend our Open House on 20th November 2020

Come and visit our school to see what makes us “Uniquely Anglo”


    Admissions Team