The Anglo Alumni group helps to facilitate opportunities to connect alumni and students, create mentoring opportunities, and open up potential educational and career opportunities as well. All the while, students are educated on the benefits and functions of the Anglo Alumni group, and come to see its value, so that they will be more inclined to participate when they, too, are alumni and no longer active students at the school.

Beatrice Miu (2015)
Politics and International Relations
University of Leicester

Beatrice enjoyed hosting and organising events as well as engaging in meaningful and constructive discussions. Hence, she has been doing well in her work in Singapore!

Akarachai Chaimaneekarakate (2015) 
University of Cambridge

Human Rights Law is what Name is passionate about that he has had several experiences from his internships at UNHCR in Geneva, Asylum Access in Thailand and now interning at Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.

Nichanun Puapattanakajorn (2018)
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
University of Pennsylvania

Nat is known for her passion in the Feminist Movement and has been participating and organising several activities to empower women.

Phatharaphon Chaimaneekarakate (2018)
Chemical Engineering
Lancaster University

Nine enjoys his time in the UK working with his friends on his engineering project. He likes taking things lightly at first but when he gets serious, nothing can distract him.

Jebelle Sutanto (2018)
University of Glasgow

Jebelle’s path to medicine was preoccupied with what would be her best specialisation either a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon. She finally figured out a good reason on why she wanted to be a heart

Natkamol Itthithavorn (2018)
Imperial College London

Gin is famous for her interest to the feminist movement and is planning to use her college knowledge to contribute to the movement.