Music Week, Anglo’s Got Talent – May 28 – June 02, 2017

Music Week, Anglo’s Got Talent – May 28 – June 02, 2017

Music week, oh what a week it was! It was the week when the front building was getting rattled with brilliant performances in our 64 campus auditorium just in case you missed it. The majority of the week consisting of 64 kindergarten students, there was also two days for Primary performances. Of course let us not forget Anglo’s talent on Friday that had our shining stars compete for the judges that chose the best performers. The winners took home brilliant medals and their honor fulfilled.

Kicking off the week were the individual instrumental performances of K3. There are so many shining musical stars in K3 that we just had to dedicate one day for their talents. Of course it’s only possible through the support of the enthusiastic kinder parents. We could’ve had one class perform all week and I’m sure that they would’ve showed up every day. Whole class performances delighted audiences for the rest of the week. K1P & K1 was on Tuesday, K2 on Wednesday and K3 on Thursday. Primary performed after snack time on Wednesday and Thursday.

Who doesn’t like a friendly contest? Anglo’s got talent was a pure example of this and it was so fun for the contestants. any timetable clashes that may have happened will be fixed next year and will only improve gradually and consistently for every year to follow. We are even thinking of bringing Simon Cowell to judge in next year’s competition, hopefully he can join.

Nevertheless Music week was a smash hit that showed the music department’s ability to showcase student’s brilliant performances. All the practice and hard work during the terms leading up to music week definitely payed off. This only leads to hype for next year’s amazing performances that are sure to come and in more variety of styles, genres and locations. Until then, just keep practicing.

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