3rd Inter-Campus Chess Tournament – June 04, 2017

The Anglo Inter-Campus Chess Tournament was first organized 2 years ago and was participated by 70 young chess aspirants and was then followed last year with 120 participants. On 4th June 2017, 145 young chess aspirants from the three Anglo campuses (31, 64 and Korat) were able to come and participate in the 3rd Annual Inter-Chess Tournament. We are very much thankful for all the support and cooperation given by each and every one specially our students and parents.

Students were given a big opportunity to showcase and apply all the things they learned in their chess classes and trainings. Exceptional talent from these young chess aspirants was witnessed and with the cooperation and participation of everyone, the event was indeed a success.

We would like to extend our congratulations to all the parents who never get tired of reaching out in molding and nurturing our students’ talents and skills of becoming competent and independent individuals. We all look forward of seeing all our students playing chess and competing in this kind of tournaments and will someday become one of the Chess Grand Master of the future.

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