Anglo Music Recital – May 28, 2017

In case you missed it, It was actually music week for Anglo! Plus the music recital on the Sunday prior to the start of Music Week. In essence the Recital was a chance for showcasing some of the more dominant students in the musical fields such as the music and drama department. Also the CCA groups of Kinder/Primary Choir, Vocal enrichment and Hip Hop/Creative dance. The Recital rocked an oversold packed house of 200+ people mainly comprised of very supportive parents in the 64 campus auditorium. From dancing to singing to playing of the instruments such as Violins and Tone Chimes, there was no lack of variety nor Talent. Needless to say that there was no age limit, our performing superstars come from Kinder 1 all the way to Sec 2.


All the departments in charge of the backstage couldn’t falter with the principles and owners in the crowd watching and all, no pressure guys! Honestly speaking, for the first major concert held by Anglo and its staff, the Recital was a hit and progressed smoothly in order. It just leaves a reassuring feeling to everyone involved that such an event can run well, and this means that it will only get better with each year to come. So get ready Anglo for some smashing performances coming your way in the near future! Do look out for performances during events such as the Graduation ceremony and Christmas party which will surely serenade your ears soon.

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