Chuseok Festival 2017

Chuseok Festival 2017

Chuseok is a autumnal harvest festival celebrated across Korea – also called ‘Hangawi’ in the Korean language. Chuseok is regarded as the equivalent of American Thanksgiving. On this day, families honor their ancestors by making food offerings (charye) and visiting ancestral graves.

Anglo celebrated the Korean Chuseok festival in 5 October 2017. Various activities were held simultaneously among the Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary levels. The Kindergarten students watched their teachers’ ‘K-pop dance’ performance before the ‘Sogo Chum’ dance, which was performed by the Korean kinder students (Sogo = a small drum, Chum = dance). Sogo Chum is one of the most recognizable dances among various Korean Traditional Dances. Primary, Secondary and JC students watched the mask dance and K-pop dance performed by Korean students. After these performances, all students participated in the Korean Quiz event, which was all about Korean culture and symbols. Through this, students became well acquainted with Korean culture regarding geography, food, cosmetics, industry, wardrobes, housing, music and Korean history.

Wishing everyone a Happy Chuseok!

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