International Day 2017

International Day 2017

The students, staff and teachers were in high spirits to celebrate the completion of term exams. During International Day 2017, we came together as an Anglo Family to embrace the value of diversity and appreciation of culture.

The entire school was colorfully decorated, and students exchanged well-wishes in cards. The highlight of the day was the concert, where students and teachers performed to the cheering of the crowd. In view of the “Embracing Cultural Diversity” theme, stalls sold different ethnic food to promote international cultural awareness. This was surely a hit!

Lastly, everyone gathered in the school field to join in the games where many stalls promoted different types of activities. This brought the “team-spirit” of Anglo to life! All proceeds of sales of food and games went to charitable causes. It was a time not only for celebration but reflection and thanks-giving and being thoughtful of those less unfortunate.

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