Sports Day – Nov 23-24, 2017

Sports Day – Nov 23-24, 2017

Last 24 November 2017 was a day to remember for the Anglo community as we held our annual Sports Day. The entire community joined hands in ensuring that this event will be not just be successful but will be fun-filled and full of excitement.

The day started with the traditional parade of houses led by their respective leaders and captains. This was followed by the opening remarks of our dear Secondary Principal Mr Jeff Chen who gave an inspiring speech that motivated our students to perform at a high level. Then the lighting of torch was represented by all the 4 houses to culminate the official opening of the games.

As in every sporting event, warm-up and stretching exercises are very important, so to get the ball rolling, Zumba Master Andy (our beloved kinder music teacher) did a fantastic job in lifting the energy  and  spirit of everybody as he led the way with a couple of dance exercises that included the teachers and parents.

The Secondary students kicked off their events inside the gym with basketball games, dodgeball and pipe relay event while Primary students stayed outside for the track and field and other outdoor events. After a brief break for some snacks and rest, both Secondary and primary swapped venues for the resumption of the games. All the games were intense right from the get-go as the students were raring to compete and showcase their talents in all the said events. The atmosphere became much livelier with the hosting skills of Mr Mark who made sure there was no dull moment and gave timely information and announcements about the ongoing games. And as an added attraction to the event, a short basketball game was held between our basketball team and the alumni which the present crop of Anglo students won.

After the much needed lunch break, everybody headed straight to the gym to witness another surprise event which saw the teachers with their corresponding house colors pitted against each other in a game of Tug of War where the Green House imposed their might and won in a convincing fashion. Then it was followed by one of the most awaited event which is the Cheerleading competition that the Blue House won with their creativity and well coordinated routines.

It was a close contest between all the houses as to who will be the 2017 Overall Champs. Nobody gave an inch as everyone did their best in helping their houses achieved their goals but there can only be one champion and this year that honor was accorded to the Blue House who showed their superiority and excellence in the games. The resiliency shown by Yellow, Green and Red should also be applauded as they put in their best effort which was the most important thing.

In general, it was an inspiring sight to see the administration, teachers, students, staff and parents coming along together, helping each other, motivating each other to make this Sports day a huge success. It was a total TEAM EFFORT displayed by the ANGLO Family.

Til next year! Keep roarin’ Anglo!