University Fair 2017

University Fair 2017

The Anglo University Fair 2017 was held at Campus 64 on Friday, November 10th, 2017.

The objectives of Anglo University Fair 2017 were to:

1) expose students and parents to a variety of career and education paths;
2) ignite serious consideration on the future for all secondary students and parents; and
3) address the transition between secondary and higher education for our students.

It was a full day event with 10 esteemed institutions present for students and parents to explore and inquire about future education and career paths. Universities held their exhibits in the gymnasium and informed all students from Secondary 1 all the way to JC2 students. There were also university representatives giving 15-minute presentations about their institutions and admission process, which ran simultaneously with the exhibits. Finally there was an afternoon session called Career Talk,  where parents and students were introduced to the different programs at Anglo such as Debate, Drama, and Sports Clinics, and also advice for college preparations given by our very own Counsellor, Ms. Ilke.

All secondary students showed up at different times to the Fair, along with parents from both the 64 and 31 campuses, with a total of 35 parents taking part throughout the day. We hope you enjoyed the Anglo University Fair 2017 and we look forward to see you during Anglo University Fair 2018!

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