At Anglo we believe that reading is central to learning. As such, we believe that the library is vital to our school community. The library at Anglo has been designed as a light and airy sanctuary for reading and learning.

Our younger students enjoy choosing their favourite stories and relaxing on homely cushions and bean-bags whether it be with their English teachers during weekly class library & reading sessions, or at fully supervised snack or lunch times on their own or with friends. Older students like to take advantage of the ample work stations and touch-screen computers for research, self study or simply reading.

The library is run by our fully qualified librarian who works closely with faculty heads to ensure the collection of hard copy books, periodicals and e-books meets both student and curriculum needs. Reading and learning these days is no longer simply limited to hard copies and library hours; Anglo students have full online access to the Overdrive e-books library, Britannica Online and Marshall Cavendish Online learning system. The use and versatility of both online learning and e-books is promoted and taught in IT and English lessons throughout the school year.

A love of reading is not limited to the library at Anglo. Throughout the year we have various events to instill in our students the joy of reading for pleasure as well as for learning. Monthly and annual awards are presented to our most voracious readers – both at an individual and class level and, to celebrate UNESCO World Book Day on April 23rd, Anglo will be hosting our inaugural ‘Bring your mum or dad to read to your class’ event alongside poetry writing and reading competitions and a traditional book fair for both students and their families.

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