From the Desk of Mr. Jeff

Dear Parents/Guardians, Pupils and Families of Anglo,


It is difficult to believe that the end of the year is upon us! Through these past ten months, we have overcome many challenges together. Closing out this year definitely brings about a tremendous sense of accomplishment, as we have seen our Secondary programme grow right in front of our eyes. Even with the high expectations of our rigorous academics, our students have been involved in an incredible number of activities this year. They have demonstrated admirable character, where responsibilities of their duties as Anglo students were never overlooked. I am very proud of what we have accomplished, and am eager to see the many new innovative initiatives that will take place in the coming months.


The school best nurtures our students through having a strong, working relationship with parents, as the backbone for higher learning is reinforced with cooperation from the home. With our switch to FireFly as our learning management platform, this important relationship is further strengthened. All parents and guardians are asked to stay updated with school news via individual log-in to FireFly! For those who are having difficulty in accessing FireFly, please contact our IT department at your earliest convenience.


This has been another year where Anglo students have performed exceptionally well. A total of 20 Secondary students took the October/November 2016 sitting of the IGCSE Elementary Mathematics examination. Out of the 20 students, 16 received A*s and 4 earned As. This fantastic result can be attributed to the commitment and hard work of our students and staff. All Math teachers contributed to this wonderful outcome – from those who first taught this batch in Primary school to those who have just wrapped up this school year. The school is filled with exhilaration and anticipation of our student performance in high stakes assessments this time every year!

Having our teachers go above and beyond throughout this entire school year has shown our continued devotion to our students. Cycling through the various core subjects in our remedial sessions throughout all of the different grade levels allows us to support our students in addressing their weaknesses and further developing upon their strengths, encouraging them to reach new heights. We will continue to innovate through classes in summer school (please see below for details), as well as having the constant review of our yearly plans. Our Enrichment Science Programme has been an example of this innovation this past year. After completion of high stakes assessments, Secondary 4 and JC1/2 students were able to go above and beyond in their Pure Science studies. Within the upper-level classes, a “Research and Design” approach has offered hands-on experiences where students can apply the theoretical knowledge learned within the classroom. In Biology, students conducted observations on the impact of caffeine on zebra-fish within a controlled setting. In Physics, students calculated the impact of forces on the various types of miniature bridges they constructed. Science came to life in Chemistry, where students were able to create their own fragrance, Aqua Enigma, while learning about the art of perfumery. Seeing our students dive headfirst into learning with such passion and excitement reinforces the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) direction in which we are advancing towards.

It is apparent that students across all year groups have worked to develop in this term. Under our teachers’ care and guidance, they have made progress in their various subjects, and we are all eager to take on this last term of the school year with tremendous fervour and enthusiasm.  

Class assignments for next year are being wrapped up. Following subject teacher recommendations, the End-of-Term 3 exam results will confirm placement in the 2017-2018 school year. These class assignments will be posted on FireFly in July. All queries, concerns, and appeals for adjustments pertaining to class assignments can be shared with the office starting Monday, July 31st, 2017. Thank you for your understanding in the matter.


This was the first year in which we have implemented our Family Programme in the Secondary school. We have gotten off to a great start in facilitating the bonds established among our Secondary students. For the next school year, we will be expanding upon the Family Programme by reaching out to the upper Primary students as well. We will do so through activities such as the Family Programme Breakfast, which was held on June 9th. It was pleasant to see the parent turnout and how our “School Families” were able to bond with the “Real Families”. We look forward to the new school year, where we tighten the connections that our students are able to make, spanning vertically in our through-train education system.

In our awareness to assist students in their continuous development, leadership training took place on the evening of June 9th in our first annual Senior Leadership Lock-In. During this event, our incoming JC1 and JC2 students worked with the outgoing JC2 class, under the guidance of teachers from the Pupil Management Team. The leadership training permitted the incoming class with a perspective of what to expect, as the added responsibilities for the upcoming school year will take a new level of maturity, foresight, and preparation. We are excited to announce the extension of our family programme into the upper levels of the Primary School, and are eager to see the long-lasting impact this will have on our entire programme.


Through passionate dedication, we have seen the evolution of our students and teachers in all of the Co-Curricular Activities this year. It has been an exciting year of change:

Debate. We wrap up our first year where Secondary 1 and 2 students were required to take English II on Friday afternoons. Students in Secondary 1 learned more about rehabilitation versus retribution, and Secondary 2 students gained insight on the advancement of feminism. Our student-debaters are in for a challenging July, where they will be competing in the European Union-Thailand Intervarsity Debate Championship, and in our flagship tourney – AWSDC (please see details below)

Multimedia. In this year, we have seen our Multimedia club extend to three subsections: Journalism/News, Drama, and Animation. Students rotate through the sections so that they are able to see different perspectives of what the club offers. Last term, the club was able to generate news reports, create public service announcements regarding climate control, and filmed their TV drama (The Pen Holder).

Drama. This year’s production saw our upperclassmen present their adaptation of James Lee’s I Live in Coffin 4, Blood Street. Either backstage, sound/lighting, or the principals, we saw the fruits of their labour and preparation. The June 3rd show wrapped up the Performing Arts week in fantastic fashion.

I am filled with glee to see what our CCAs will present next school year. Our incoming Secondary 2 students will have the opportunity to choose the CCAs they want to join within the first weeks of the new school year.


As a sign of the school’s encouragement for student-athletes to thrive in both academics and athletics, a unique studies programme for members of school teams will begin in August. Student-athletes will receive assistance from Peer Tutors during compulsory, daily study hall. Additionally, they will also receive access toward dedicated office hours with subject teachers. We are excited to see our student-athletes in action, and the growth to come within our sports department.


Graduation will be held on July 1st, and invitations have been sent home. With limited seating, tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. We will have our graduation practice at the end of this month. Kindly be aware of the updates provided by our graduation committee on FireFly.


Staff turnover is often a concern that many parents share with me. It is imperative that we address this properly. There will not be many changes to the teacher allocations as more than 95% of our teachers are continuing their contract. We have had to increase teacher recruitment to accommodate the expanding student population, and have done so since Term 2 of this school year. New teachers come in, are afforded the opportunity to be further trained and mentor by our veteran teachers so that they are better able to adjust to our Anglo culture.

We will be welcoming the new English HOD, Mr Kevin Kao, in the upcoming school year as well. He will be focused on working with his team in the English department to refine our current programme. We will fully band our core subjects (English, Maths, and Sciences), where student allocation within these subjects are based on individual ability and performance. This will help ensure that no child will be left behind, as the redesigned programme will add value to students of all abilities.

4th Asia World Schools Debating Championships (AWSDC)

Anglo is hosting our flagship tournament from July 24th – July 28th. The 4th AWSDC already has over 50 teams registered from all over the world to compete for the HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Cup. With top notch competitors and world-class adjudicators from the World Schools Debating Championship, we are thrilled about this year’s tournament. Once again, teamwork from the entire Anglo community will be needed for this event to be a success. Volunteer and sponsorship opportunities are still available. Additionally, we encourage all parents and students to observe the preliminary rounds on July 25th and July 26th. Please contact Mr Boat for more details!


Summer is a time for rejuvenation, but it is also an appropriate time to ensure that our skills remain sharp. Firstly, please encourage your child to read voraciously over the holidays. Two types of classes will be offered for Secondary Summer School this summer – intensive and preparatory. Details of our summer programme can be found in the letters that were previously sent home and posted on FireFly. Please register for summer classes as soon as possible, so that a spot for your child is secured. Moreover, please encourage your children to read this summer. By doing so, they will be able to retain and improve upon their reading levels.


We are excited for our sister campus, Campus 31, as they get ready to move into their new building in July. Once they are settled, our trusted contractor will begin construction on our expansion at Campus 64. At this moment, we are awaiting approval of our new engineering structure and design from the relevant authorities. We will provide updates in the new school year.

Students and staff have completed our End-of-Term school survey, of which a component pertains to the canteen and new food menu. Based upon the feedback we have received, we will continue to improve by adding healthier and more delicious meals. To do so, we will be working with a new supplier over the summer so that new menus can be prepared for our students.

I would like to thank our hardworking and attentive staff members who have made a wonderful difference for our students. Their devotion to our children is outstanding! Please continue to foster curiosity, provide engaging experiences for our students, and challenge our children to think critically. Although success is a by-product of detailed preparation and unblemished execution, it is the learning experiences that allow our students to develop to become independent individuals. For all that our teachers do, we are truly grateful.

This is a gentle reminder that there are still Lost and Found items that need to be collected. The last day of collection will be on Friday, June 30th. After that time, these items will either be donated or disposed of accordingly. Please swing by the Lost and Found desk during PTMs to retrieve previously missing items.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer. On behalf of the Secondary teachers and staff, we want to thank you for your support throughout this school year, and are genuinely appreciative of all that you do to make Anglo a special school. With the strides that our students have made, we are very eager to take the school to the next level when school starts again in August. Have a safe and relaxing summer!




Jeff Chen

Secondary Division
Anglo Singapore International School