Welcome to Anglo Singapore

Anglo Singapore International School was created to provide a international holistic programme for students growing up in an increasingly global society. Since 2003 it has been our mission to provide a caring and nurturing environment where our students can grow to become diligent, life long learners. Unique to our school is our genuine multilingual environment, comprised of students and teachers from across the globe, that specifically fosters the mastering of English without neglecting the importance of Thai and Mother Tongue studies.

Anglo follows the highly academic Singapore Curriculum and takes great pride in our talented students who have proven testimony to our rigorous standards. Our teachers all meet international accreditation standards and are specifically qualified to teach in their respective fields. They are dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational foundation for students from all backgrounds, especially Singaporean students, preparing them for the highly esteemed PSLE and Cambridge examinations as well as the internationally recognized iPSLE and IGCSE exams.

Along side our Performing Arts Programme, Theatre Arts Department and internationally esteemed curriculum Anglo Singapore International School has become an educational community that provides international holistic education for students aged 18 months through their entrance into university.