Career Guidance

The counseling department works to ensure that students have an attainable future vision, and works to assist them in thoroughly preparing for the next step in their academic life. Some of the responsibilities of the counseling department are to:

  • Engage students to actively think about and recognize their interests and abilities in relation to their future
  • Support students and parents in the college  selection and application process by

-providing up-to-date and relevant information about universities and careers

-providing access to various university representatives

-advising students in their subject choices in comparison to their future vision

  • Engage students to set individual and realistic goals
  • Support and monitor students’ portfolio development in relation to their set goals
  • Guide our students to satisfactorily achieve their goals by:

-monitoring their progress academically (ie study habits, GPAs) and socially (ie leadership skills)

-actively working with teachers and parents to ensure students’ progress

-creating opportunities/workshops for students’ to enhance their skills according to the college application process (ie personal statement writing)