Counselling Service

Our school is deeply committed to helping our students realize their full potential, in and out of the classroom. To be a global citizen, every child needs to be academically, socially, and emotionally equipped to excel in the real-world while simultaneously maintaining a love of self and humanity. The counseling department at Anglo-Singapore International School supports the ‘whole’ individual by liaising closely with parents, students and teachers to create a safe, informative, and nurturing space for positive growth. Open, 2-way communication between counsellors and our students is highly encouraged and implemented. We also actively encourage this with our parents and teachers to respond to their concerns and support them, cultivating an ecosystem of support.

The Counseling and Career guidance sections do have separate agendas, but they are highly intertwined.

Counseling Section

The counseling department works to ensure that students have strong characters, a positive sense of self, as well as good study and lifestyle habits.

Counselors will work to provide opportunities for students to hone their decision-making skills which will aid them in all aspects of their lives, build a positive self-image, develop tolerance, and learn good study and lifestyle habits. Counselors will also provide individual counseling support to students upon request or when required.

Furthermore, counselors will liaise closely with teachers and parents to support students’ individual needs. They will also provide opportunities and occasions for them to develop their own skills to cope with changing student issues and expectations. An open-door policy applies to students, teachers, and parents.  Parents, in particular, will also have chances to receive up-to-date information and have access to resources that will help their children transition and cope with changes well.