The International Award

Anglo Singapore International School is pleased to announce that the school has entered into a partnership with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE) in contribution to our effort to unleash altruism and leadership capability of our students. Our Community Involvement Programme (CIP) will be jointly operated with the requirements outlined by DofE in order for our students to obtain this internationally recognized award.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award was founded in United Kingdom in 1956, by Prince Philip or known as Duke of Edinburgh. The award is now recognized in 140 countries as it is aiming for youths and adolescents to participate in self-improving exercises that develop multiple-intelligences of the participants as outlined in Kurt Hann’s solution to “Six Declines of Modern Youth”.

The award is available for participation when youth reached the age of 14 years old. Importantly, the award is recognized for its effects in promoting self-discovery, self-reliance, commitment and altruism. These effects are fundamentally embedded in the 3 levels of the award where participants must complete before being recognized and those levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The accomplishment of these awards will enable participants to be recognized world-wide for their ability to handle multiple-task and great initiatives in life which are necessary for being responsible individuals and good global citizens.

Why we should join this Award: 

The award is created to encourage our youth to find meaningful activities for their lives that will eventually impart essential values and noble personalities necessary to become successful.

With the certificate, our children will be rapidly recognized of the important qualities such as responsibility, altruism, commitment and discipline that are imperative to their future education and employment. This is because it is not necessarily easy for children to receive this endorsement if they are not committed to fulfilling the require criteria