English Drama: “I Live in Coffin 4, Blood Street” – June 03, 2017

English Drama: “I Live in Coffin 4, Blood Street” – June 03, 2017


This year the marvelous talents of our Drama CCA students certainly shone. Our production, staged on June 3rd, was rather different from the previous years in that it was a ‘straight drama’ rather than a musical. The script, adapted from James Lee’s psychological thriller, “I Live in Coffin 4 Blood Street’, was well-suited to the abilities of our students. Having covered the 7 elements of drama that are essential to a successful performance in the first 6 months of the CCA, our students were well trained and so adequately skilled to embrace the roles. All the principals, as well as those who were in the group scenes, were committed and quite superb at performance level. Our backstage team, under the guidance of Juliana, and the sound and lighting crew led by Jasandra ensured that this very technical production ran to cue. The two original songs were structured and included to ensure entertainment value and bring the entire show to a moving and dramatic ending.

Judging by the overwhelming response of our audience, we can proudly say that on stage at Anglo this year we had a winner, a production that was flawless and truly sparkled. Well done!

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