Anglo Singapore International School doesn’t just offer traditional school-year programmes. Our facilities and staff are available for summer school programmes as well! Summer school education at Anglo combines a variety of programmes in two main tracks, designed to build social skills, knowledge, and abilities through engaging activities. Both Anglo students, as well as those who do not attend Anglo during the school year, are welcome to apply for summer school programmes.

Summer school classes take two main forms, as detailed below.

Fun Summer Programme

Our fun summer programme offers educational enrichment activities in various topic offerings.  These courses are meant to be fun and exciting, giving students a chance to socialise, learn, and experience interesting and original activities.  All of these courses bring together age-appropriate educational topics like critical thinking, creativity, math, science, and language, but in ways that are far more recreational than what you’ll find during a traditional school year programme.  Details vary based upon staff availability and interest, and we usually post more detailed information on the summer’s offerings during late spring.

Intensive Summer Programme

For students who are struggling to keep up, either at Anglo or any other school, we offer a number of different intensive summer programme courses.  These courses allow for students to “catch up” on their skills in various academic areas that are offered at Anglo.  This can often be the difference between falling further behind in their educational progress, or finding the understanding and abilities to succeed.  As with the fun summer programme, offerings are dependent on staff availability, interest, and other factors.  We usually post more detailed information on enrolment, requirements, and other aspects of these intensive summer programmes during the spring.

Join our summer programme!

If you are interested in joining our summer programme, don’t hesitate contacting us!