Anglo Singapore International School is founded on the philosophy that all children can be nurtured to achieve their fullest potential within a caring and challenging school environment using the Singapore curriculum. Its mission is to prepare the students to be diligent and independent learners who will advance themselves to rise creatively and joyfully to the challenges of life.

The curriculum consists of a four-year foundation stage from Primary 1 to 4 and a two-year orientation stage from Primary 5 to 6 with an overall purpose to give students a good grasp of the English language, mathematics, sciences and their respective mother tongue (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malay or Thai). All subjects are taught in English with the exception of the mother tongue languages.

Experienced and qualified in their respective field, all teachers are trained to bring quality and new innovative practices into the classroom. They are ready to properly guide the international students in their growing years and prepare them for the technologically advanced global world, especially the Singaporean students, enabling them to easily merge back into the educational system and preparing them for the highly acclaimed Singapore PSLE exams.

In small classes of not more than 24, students benefit from the personal attention given by their teachers. Anglo Singapore International School’s secluded campus is located in downtown Sukhumvit and fully equipped with a state-of-art computer room, math room, science lab, music room, library, art room, two swimming pools and a football field.

For a complete holistic education in a tri-language environment, Anglo provides students from Kindergarten to Secondary with a solid academic school experience.