The house system is practiced at Anglo. The heart of this tradition is to encourage co-operation and teamwork in supportive environment while driving determination and creativity of leadership.

Students are assigned to one of four houses at their entry. The members of the house are encouraged to participate in sport competitions, cultural activities and performing arts. The name of each house comes from well-known world scholars, reflecting the school’s international nature and the values of these intellectuals. The scholars’ names include Christopher Columbus (World Famous Explorer), Confucius (Chinese Philosopher), Leonardo da Vinci (Italian Renaissance) and Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles (Father of Singapore). Each of these respectful individuals displays qualities of leadership and creativity that can inspire our students in a number of constructive ways.

The house system’s values:

  • Caring and supportive environment
  • Respect, consideration and courtesy to create an enjoyable atmosphere
  • Positive self-esteem among students by promoting equality of opportunity and encouragement to realise an individual’s full potential
  • Building bonds and peer support among students of all ages
  • Enrichment of co-curricular activities to broaden and round off the students’ experience
House of Columbus
House of Confucius
House of Da Vinci
House of Raffles