It is a great privilege to introduce myself as the Superintendent of Anglo Singapore International School. I greatly enjoy the opportunity to work with diligent students, knowledgeable and caring staff, and the supportive parents in the community. This holds true for all three of our campuses, where the dedication and positive learning environment is always evident. I am enormously proud of what we stand for as an institution, knowing that we are always striving for excellence, while looking for ways to improve even further.

Our goals at Anglo are to meet the needs of all our students, where learners obtain a well-rounded education through a challenging and engaging curriculum. Decisions made in our respective campuses need to be in the long-term interests of all students. The meritocratic environment created helps to ensure that learners are supported in reaching their full potential. Likewise, it helps ensure that they become graduates who are fully prepared for their lives ahead.

Anglo continues to be recognised for excellence in providing a holistic education for our children. I am deeply heartened that all community members are fully committed to providing an exciting learning atmosphere. We will continue to strive to work closely with parents and the community members in reinforcing our dedication to these over-arching goals.

Whether you are just beginning your academic career in kindergarten, or you are a member of the current graduating class, all Anglo students experience a rigorous track of learning and enriching life experiences. Welcome to Anglo!