I have joined at Anglo since Academic Year 2016-2017. I’ve learned and adapted to the Anglo working system which I personally believe it is a qualified and more efficient system. Anglo inspires and nurtures a diverse learning community that has a motto “Learn to Think, Think to Learn”. Moreover, we imbue in our students desirable characteristics such as Diligence, Responsibility, Respect and Progress. From the previous to current location of school, I have witnessed the following continual development:

  1. Students
  • Increase number of students; both Thais and foreigners (Chinese, Korean, and Japanese).
  • Students who started learning at Anglo can fluently communicate in English and Chinese as native speakers in just a short time.
  • Students received trophies and medals when they joined any area of academic competitions.
  1. School Board
  • Professional School Board that sets clear management policy and monitoring system.
  • Plan students’ academic path way from kindergarten to university according to their abilities.
  • Provide modern innovation and information technology for teaching and learning.
  1. Teachers and Staff
  • Certified and qualified staff.
  • Concentrate on teaching processes and cater to all students’ needs in all aspect.
  1. Facility
  • Spacious and safe surrounding for teaching and learning.

I am proud to see the progressive development of Anglo students in physical, mental, emotional, social and intellectual aspects. All these successful indicators are results of cohesive collaboration of School Board, teachers, staff, students, and parents. I am taking full responsibility as a School Director to help Anglo to be the top school in this region in the near future.