Secondary education at Anglo is comprised of four years. During this time, the school places emphasis on the study of science and mathematics—biology, chemistry, physics, and ICT. Our curriculum also highlights all of the skills, performances, attitudes, and values the students are expected to learn. The total learning experience provided by Anglo includes the core courses of languages, science, mathematics, arts and humanities, whilst teaching the students learning methods, manners and values.

Languages: Composition, Literature and Speech

The language curriculum at Anglo is designed to help the students become independent and creative learners and thinkers who can communicate effectively in English and other languages of their choice, for example: Thai, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. To achieve this purpose, our students are given many curricular and co-curricular activities to use their languages in a variety of situations and contexts. To develop students confidence in public speaking, students are required to attend either debate or drama activities as part of our co-curricular programme. By using languages all day, the students will become confident and fluent  when expressing themselves in both academic and personal contexts.

Mathematics, Science and ICT:

Our curriculum seeks to enable students to view the pursuit of science as meaningful and useful in daily life as well as being a rewarding subject in terms of the skills and knowledge it can impart.

Teaching at Anglo goes beyond merely presenting the facts and outcomes of scientific investigations. Our students are given opportunities to engage in actual scientific investigations using our outstanding facilities and resources. Students can acquire knowledge and understanding of their natural and physical world through their own investigations while supported by our well-qualified teachers. Learners are then, well-prepared to apply the skills in either academic or extracurricular activities. Please visit the school to see the first class science labs and equipment available.

Arts and Humanities: Social Studies, Music, Physical Education and Art

Social Studies:

The heart of our curriculum in arts and humanities is the preparation of our students to be citizens of tomorrow and appreciate the complexities of the human experience through different channels such as art, music, sports and drama. We are creating meaningful lessons to stimulate students’ interests and inspire mental eagerness and curiosity to inquire into real-world situations that are applicable to their lives.

Physical Education:

For secondary students, the focus is on developing the skills needed to play in a variety of individual and team sports; cooperation and communication are vital to good participation in teams. The sports offered are basketball, football, volleyball, badminton and touch rugby. For Secondary 3 and 4, the students are also introduced to weight training. The Secondary 3 and Junior College students also have an extra PE period in which they do Taekwondo, as a means to build up their self-defense skills and also to develop self-confidence and resilience.

Music and Art:

During this critical period of a young person’s development, our curriculum seeks to expose students to other means of expressing ideas and thoughts besides language. Our school curriculum aims to develop students’ skills and understanding of creating, performing, and responding to promote knowledge and understanding of others and themselves by providing opportunities for students to make connections among the arts. Anglo emphasizes learning through cross-curricular experiences by requiring students to be involved in drama and debating activities. All Secondary and Junior College students will join either the Drama or Debate Club.