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Kindergarten Department at Anglo Singapore International School (Anglo) offers a an international holistic curriculum for children from the age of 18 months (Pre-K) and 3 to 6 years (K1-K3). Our curricular framework is offering an integrated approach to develop necessary skills for our kindergarten students consistent with the Singapore curriculum. Our core areas of learning for the kindergarten include:

Character Development: Emotions, Social Skills, Attitudes

Our curriculum offers an integrated approach to develop life skills for kindergarten children. The aim is to reinforce the students’ skills in handling daily tasks in order to develop their self-esteem with their peers. Children are given opportunities to explore concepts and apply skills through experiential learning.

Communication and Literacy Skills: English, Thai, Chinese, Korean and Japanese

Our school aims to prepare young learners to be fluent in several languages including their ‘Mother Tongue’. Young learners have explicit instruction through songs and stories in English, Thai, and Chinese as well as opportunities to hear and use their different languages throughout the day.

Mathematics and Science Knowledge

Singapore mathematics curriculum is in the top five in the world. The school has integrated the Singapore curriculum into our multi-language environment including a natural integration of fundamental concepts such as counting, shape, and space and process skills such as calculating, measuring and classifying across content areas in mathematics and science.

Social Engagement and World Exploration

Our school nurtures children with meaningful experiences. Our classrooms are filled with fun activities by allowing students to learn through play, which is the means by which children learn to make sense of the world around them. Through playing, children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and social environments. Our curriculum also aims to offer the skills in acquiring knowledge through inquiry learning and emphasize the importance of selecting scientific facts that match the cognitive capacities of the students.

Creativity and Artistic Value

Our school believes in creativity by including four elements of art activities in the kindergarten classroom: painting, music, dance and play. Our goal is to promote the desire for learning through their surroundings. Art activities at the kindergarten level at our school promote freedom of expression through understanding  shape,  colors, languages, and actions.

Physical Enhancement

Our school realizes the importance of “Building Strength from Fingers to Toes” by making sure your child is developing the gross and fine motor skills needed as a young person. The students engage in outdoor activities and swimming lessons. The school curriculum includes physical activities not only to support the students’ physical growth, but to enhance their learning in other vital skills as well.

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