Why Apply?

1. Unique Curriculum

Anglo’s curriculum is based on the highly academic Singapore Curriculum Framework and the Cambridge (IGCSE), and accredited by international institutions such as The Council of International Schools (CIS), International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Anglo is determined to nurture our students with meaningful experiences and prepare them for the requirements of higher education. For years, our academic standard have generated great pride through our students’ performance as some of the best in IGCSE exams and other academic areas.

2. Safe and Supporting Environment

Our schools emphasize the safety of our children. Anglo always ensures our students are supervised and monitored at all times both in and out of classrooms. The entrance of the school is controlled with a checkpoint and security guard presence. Our students and teachers are consistently reminded about safety routines and drills in case of emergency.

In addition, Anglo provides facilities to reinforce the students’ learning and performance. Our classes are small (a maximum of 24 students per class) to ensure the students get the attention they need. Over time, Anglo parents have developed a sense of trust in the Anglo product to provide an excellent educational product and childhood experience. One that they have been happy to recommend to other families.

3. Highly-Qualified Teachers with Pastoral Care

All our teachers have a minimum of a bachelors degree and come to us with excellent references. We are always looking to ensure that teachers are specialists in their field and many have masters degrees. All our teachers are receiving training in ESL to ensure that they best meet the needs of second language learners irrespective of their subject.

4. Holistic Learning Community

Since 2003, it has been our mission to provide a caring and nurturing environment where our students can grow to become diligent, life-long learners. What is unique to our school is our genuine multilingual environment with students, teachers and staff from across the globe that cooperatively foster this holistic community. Most importantly, Anglo emphasizes ethical values in sharing and caring for society and promotes a sense of belonging and collaboration with meaningful activities through a house system, community involvement programme and co-curricular activities.

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