PRIMARY Primary school education at Anglo is based on the Singapore curriculum, consisting of a four year foundation stage (Primary 1-4) and another two year orientation stage (Primary 5-6) Learn More


Anglo Singapore International School’s primary education is based on the Singapore curriculum consisting of a four year foundation stage (Primary 1-4) and another two year orientation stage (Primary 5-6). The curriculum carries three core courses throughout the six years of the primary curriculum: languages, mathematics & sciences and arts & humanities.

Languages: English, Thai, and Chinese

Anglo places great emphasis on the development of languages. At the lower primary, the students are required to learn basic literacy skills in three languages. At Anglo, all main subjects are taught in English except the mother tongue languages. English is the foundation for all languages and learning at Anglo so there are English lessons everyday. Moreover, there are curricular times set aside weekly for Chinese, and Thai.

Mathematics and Science: Math, Science and ICT

At the beginning of primary education students need to develop solid numeracy skills and have a grounding in basic mathematics and science concepts. Once acquired, the students are given opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills through practical applications and problem solving activities. During the last years of primary school, the students are introduced to more complex concepts and skills to prepare them for the demands of the secondary school curriculum.

Throughout the  six year primary education, the computer and software application appropriate to the needs of their learning are gradually introduced to the students to ensure they are prepared for the modern world.

Social Studies

Anglo offers the integrated study of social studies to promote civic competence, drawing upon various fields including history and geography. At the primary school level, social studies generally focuses first on the local community and family to create a basic understanding of the community the students belong to.

Physical Education

The PE programme aims to develop physical flexibility and an understanding of teamwork. A modular system is introduced at our school where students go through a 4-6 weeks course of a particular sport, after which they are assessed on their knowledge and skills at the end of the term.


For instrumental learning, the class is often taught as a whole, as the aim is for the whole class to play together and be in harmony. As the lesson progresses, there are several activities to be done by working together or individually. The students will have a chance to work on a short performance and present it to the rest of class to develop their confidence and skills of musical expression.


The art programme at Anglo takes inspiration from many different artists and cultures. Through the use of space, color, shape and perspective, students explore art as a means of self expression using a wide variety of media.


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