SECONDARY Secondary school education at Anglo is comprised of six years years: Secondary 1 and 2 serve as the transition/foundation years; Secondary 3 and 4 are IGCSE preparation; JC 1 and 2 focus on the AS/A-Level programme Learn More


As students enter secondary school at Anglo, they experience a much more rigorous curriculum, with increased intensity and scope. Our strong maths, science, and English focus, based on the Singaporean curriculum, provide our students with a robust and high-quality education. There is a strong expectation placed on academic excellence, as students grow into more specific disciplines, particularly in the sciences. Biology, chemistry, and physics are all highlighted. Of course, all the other academic areas persist as well, with expanded offerings in many areas.

In total, the secondary school curriculum includes core courses in languages, science, mathematics, arts, humanities, and physical education. This is coupled with an emphasis on teaching our students learning methods, manners, and values. They don’t just learn to think, but they think to learn, consistent with our school motto. More details on specific curriculum areas are outlined below.

Mathematics, Science, and Information and Communication Technology

Our curriculum seeks to enable students to view the pursuit of science as meaningful and useful in daily life, as well as being a rewarding subject in terms of the skills and knowledge it can impart. Math, science, and information and communication technology are ever-increasing in importance as the world becomes more and more digital and reliant on these disciplines. Instruction at Anglo goes well beyond just providing the basic information, facts, and scientific concepts. Our students engage in actual science experiments and investigations of their own, using our top-notch facilities and resources. This helps students to gain knowledge and a better understanding of the natural world and their surroundings.

Likewise, both science and information and communication technology courses draw on the mathematics concepts taught in primary and secondary school, putting them to work in order to accomplish goals. Advanced instruction in information and communication technology augments both math and science disciplines as well, and provides Anglo students with a serious advantage over students from many other schools. They tend to be more prepared for the digital world, while understanding the underlying science and math concepts that make the digital world work. This is another way how we at Anglo Singapore International School are striving to become one of the best international schools in Thailand by focusing on important educational competencies that students will be able to rely upon in their bright futures.

Languages: Composition, Literature and Speech

As in primary school, the language curriculum at Anglo is designed to help students become independent and creative thinkers, who can communicate effectively in English, Thai, and other languages as well. All of the prior instruction in the basics of English, Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese are now brought together, to explore more complex concepts including composition, literature, and speech.

Instruction in these areas is accomplished through both traditional classroom methods, as well as through numerous co-curricular activities where they can apply their language skills in a variety of situations and settings. Through the use of languages, students become confident and fluent when expressing themselves, in both academic and personal contexts. They are given practical use of the languages, which studies have shown is one of the best ways to learn and retain a second language.

Ultimately, Anglo students finish secondary school as multi-lingual, multi-cultural, global students, fitting with our core goals and values, and consistent with our structure as a true international school. They end up better prepared for future education and career opportunities, and are more appealing to future employers for the diversity of languages and skill areas they can demonstrate and utilise.

Social Studies:

Despite the focus on mathematics, science, and language, we believe that well-rounded students are best-prepared for future education and life. Therefore, at Anglo, we also include arts and humanities, and the core of our arts and humanities offerings in secondary school are focused on preparing students to be global citizens of tomorrow. This includes appreciating and understanding the complexities of the human experience and cultural life through art, music, sports, and drama. At the same time, an awareness of history, global issues, geography, and civics is reinforced through meaningful lessons and study areas designed to foster curiosity about real-world situations that are applicable to students’ lives. This is one of the key ways in which we ensure that Anglo Singapore International School students really are among the most well prepared for further education, careers, and life in general.

Physical Education

Consistent with our philosophy that students benefit from cultivation of both mind and body, secondary school students continue with a physical education component to their curriculum. For secondary students, the focus is on developing the skills needed to play in a variety of individual and team sports. Learning cooperation and communication are critical components of teamwork, which is an essential skill for life.

At the same time, there is an increasing focus on personal fitness, strength, and health. Students are encouraged to grow their athletic knowledge and capabilities, while developing good fitness habits that will serve them well throughout their lives. Sports offerings include basketball, football, volleyball, and badminton, providing students with a well-rounded sports education.

Music and Art:

Music and art continue to play an important role in the secondary school curriculum. During this critical period of a young person’s development, we seek to expose students to other means of expressing ideas besides language. Naturally, this includes developing students’ skills in music and visual art. Through music and art, students learn to create, perform, and respond to themselves, others, and the world around them. They can express themselves, and form connections with others and the world around them through art.

As Anglo believes in cross-curricular and multi-disciplinary learning, we emphasise this commitment by requiring students to participate in drama, multimedia, and/or debate clubs. Beyond that, students can continue to explore visual and musical arts, creating a cohesive, holistic approach to their education.

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