Parent Support Group

As we have stressed throughout the materials on our site, we at Anglo Singapore International School believe students are best positioned to succeed when there is active involvement and support from their parents in the learning process.  The Parents’ Support Group, or PSG, is the main parent group at Anglo.

As defined in the PSG constitution, the purpose is to work with the school faculty and staff, to find ways to advance the interests of the school, and to promote the well-being and success of students.  The PSG helps the school to provide information and support services to parents regarding issues that have an impact on the education and welfare of your children.

In simple terms, the PSG works with the school as an integral part of the school community.  It provides an opportunity for parents to engage in the intellectual, social, and emotional development of their children, outside of just the normal home setting.  It forms a bridge between school and home life.

The PSG is an evolving organisation, and the specific objectives and plans for each year vary.  They are agreed upon by a committee and published in the “Letter from the President” of the PSG for that particular year.

For more information on joining the PSG leadership, meetings, or events, you can log into Firefly via the link below.

Anglo Alumni

Another important group involved in the wider Anglo community is our alumni. The Anglo Alumni group helps to facilitate opportunities to connect alumni and students, create mentoring opportunities, and open up potential educational and career opportunities as well. All the while, students are educated on the benefits and functions of the Anglo Alumni group, and come to see its value, so that they will be more inclined to participate when they, too, are alumni and no longer active students at the school.

Our ultimate goal is to unite and strengthen the larger Anglo community, all over the world, through the power of relationships! We here at Anglo are very proud of our alumni and are very happy to see the quality education we have provided them at Anglo Singapore International School has been a beneficial stepping stone in their futures as well as proving that we are in the top academic international schools in Bangkok.