OUR MISSION Our overall mission is to inspire and nurture a diverse learning community. Through a curriculum that is both innovative and time-honoured, with a holistic approach to learning, we seek to provide our students with the best international school experience possible. We believe that with the right programme, instruction, and personal attention, all students can excel and become the leaders of tomorrow. What’s more, we strive to keep that high-quality education as affordable as possible, with our long-term goal of being the best and most reliable international school in Bangkok and in greater Thailand as a whole. It’s a philosophy we like to call: uniquely Anglo Learn More

Our Aims and Values

At Anglo, our aims and values are quite simple.  They inform everything we do, and outline the traits we expect to instil in our students.  This remains true regardless of what age or level the student is at, and regardless of which of our several Anglo international school campuses they attend.

1. To instill a sense of diligence, hard work and achievement in all.
2. To accept responsibility as global stewards.
3. To respect each other, the school and the wider community.
4. Make progress towards becoming critical and creative thinkers and successful language learners.

These make up our core values:

Our Motto:

Learn to Think, Think to Learn

Our motto encapsulates the duality present in modern education, something that we feel often gets lost in many other programmes.  Students are not only being taught facts and figures, languages, and so forth, but they are being taught to think.  Only through learning to think can they truly prosper in the lifelong journey of thinking to learn.